If your WCA is and remains too small (less than 20 people) and, you can’t create an Ads campaign, this could have several causes.

1) The WCA created is too specific

If you set too many conditions in a WCA, it may take longer than normal for that WCA to be ready for use.

This is a common scenario for WCA based on e-commerce retargeting, such as Upsell retargeting or Checkout recovery.

CAE gives you the ability to create very specific WCA and, of course, the more specific they are, the fewer people you’ll find in them and the more time will be required for them to be ready.

2) You’re not receiving enough traffic

A WCA can be used only after is has reached 20 people in size.

For one visitor to be counted in the WCA, they must be logged on to Facebook at the same time they visit your site.

Because of this, you’ll never have a WCA of 100 with a site traffic of 100 visitors.

Be patient and, over the next days the WCA will populate as your site receives more visitors.

Bonus tip: Do not create WCA that only have a few days’ retention. This is the most common source of too-small WCAs.

3) You haven’t activated the Tracking pixel

You should have the Facebook audience tracking pixel inside the <head> tags of your site.

It’s up to you.

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