Plugin Settings

CAE has some very basic but required settings.

The first (and most important) option is the  Facebook Pixel Code.

( Here a link to Facebook’s documentation about how Facebook builds Custom Audiences).

If you have already put your Facebook Tracking Pixel inside the  <HEAD> tags of your site, you can keep the option disabled (select NO).

If you don’t already have your Facebook Tracking Pixel inside the  <HEAD> tags or your site, just select YES and the plugin will do the rest.

pixel code

If you put the tracking pixel inside your theme file, you do so at your own risk. If there are updates to your theme in the future, the tracking pixel may be lost and the CAE tracking will be lost along with the pixel.

The ideal solution is select YES and let the plugin insert the tracking pixel itself, or use the Tracking Code Manager plugin.

Other settings

Some other required settings.


Clear collected data cache

Exercise caution with this option because it will delete all the tracking information sent to Facebook.

Email notifications

Here you can set the email notification threshold. When a WCA reaches the preferred number of people you’ll receive an email notification. Do not set the threshold to less than 30 people.


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