How Inline Related Posts Works

Inline Related Posts can be used  without shortcodes.

This mean that the plugin will put related posts boxes inside your old articles without any additional work.

To do that, please follow the instruction below.


The most important function

The most important function of Inline Related Posts is the “ Interval“.

Here you can choose the interval between the boxes, which means that the plugin wait N° words before appearing again. It also take that number from the beginning of the post.

Let’s do an example.

You have chosen to display 3 boxes with an interval of 250 words. You have an article of 800 words where 3 boxes will appear, one after 250 words from the beginning, one after 500 words, and the last after 750 words.


Important Note

The algorithm calculates automatically the best location to place the box, but  it will not brake any sentence or bullets point.

If after 250 words interval should place the box in the middle of the sentence, it will avoid the error and waits (for example) to 261 words, placing at the end of the sentence.

Here the screenshot how the box will be placed.

like breaks

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