If you are unsure that your tracking code is properly working, here a guide to verify them in few seconds.

You have 3 methods.

In the first two cases is very easy, just install the Chrome addon and have a look if everything is working properly.


The last method is to check any other tracking code.

Here the steps:

  1. Right mouse click and select “View page source” you will see the source code of your site.
  2. Click cmd +F or cmd + F on Mac to display the search box
  3. Digit “Tracking Code manager” and should appear your tracking codes.doc10
  4. Check if the code is properly showing in the source code and you’re done!

NOTE: This plugin will just put the codes inside your pages, if a tracking code is correctly placed but is not working you should contact the support of the provided tracking code.

Verify Ecommerce integration

If you’d like to verify the conversion tracking of your ecommerce plugin the only way is to make a test order.

To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Activate maintenance mode on your site (this is the best plugin to use it)
  2. Activate a “test payment” on your ecommerce plugin
  3. Complete an order
  4. See the source code of the thank you page (order confirmation page) of that order to see if the tracking code is correctly placed.

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